About business management

If you are looking for tips to help you with your business management, or if you are trying to find information on how to start up your business, you have found the right blog for you!

Why a business management blog ?

I know how complex the business management could be. Sometimes, as an entrepreneur you feel like you are a marketer, a finance specialist, an accountant and even the dad of your employees!

As a result, I’d like to share on this blogs some ideas, strategies and tips. Because I am a CEO myself, I believe I might help you manage you business. In addition, I have a strong background in entrepreneurship consulting for more than 10 years. So feel free to visit my bio to get to know me better.

Here are some of the topics you will find:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Experiential marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Market studies
  • Finance and financing
  • Business transfer of ownership
  • human resources strategies, including change management
  • Project management.

How to become an entrepreneur?

People hoping to start up their business ask me this question often. In fact, there is not a unique answer. If you look at the Portrait of Entrepreneurs page, you will discover that there are as many reasons of starting a business as there are entrepreneurs. Therefore, the beginning of your journey as an entrepreneur starts with your motivations.

So this blog has also the purpose to lighten up the decision process of those who are considering starting up their business.

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