QR Codes in your marketing strategy

Are you familiar with the QR Code ? It means Quick Response Code. It’s a 2D bar code that is used to store all kind of information like text, pictures, web site address, business virtual card and more. The QR Code is meant to be read by an optical reader  like the one you have in your smart phone. When you scan this code, it immediately brings you to the information. For example, if you scan the QR Code below, it takes you to this blog.

Note that QR Codes are free. There are many websites that generate it, like Google.

QR Code in marketing

QR Codes are fairly common, especially in advertising. You can find them on posters, invoices, packaging, street marketing and even in the washrooms !  In Japan, Mcdonald’s puts on nutrition facts on QR Code, as Inc.com explains it.

Indeed, the use of QR Code allows you to reach a higher level of interaction with your customers. More of them are using smart phones and they are seeking immediacy.  The integration of this tool to you marketiing strategy may allow you to broadcast more advertising informations to what is printed, given the limited space, and very quiclky.

Can you see the opportunities ? You can now virtually link your ads to your website via the phone to your customers, or you can give them additionnal informations directly to their phone with a minimal effort.  And it’s immediate !

Be careful. The QR Code is a tool, not an end in itself. Its use should be aligned with your business strategy. Otherwise, it is useless.

As the new year has just kicked off, have you reviewed your game plan ?

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