My 2011 year in blogging

Another year ends in few hours. I’d like to share few highlights of this blog with you, loyal readers !

First of all, I must say I’ve been inactive here this year. It was such a busy one at work and in my private life, I did not find time to write.

Here are the 3 most interesting highlights, given by WordPress:

  1. My blog has been viewed 2 500 times this year. This is a small amount of clicks, I admit it. But you know what ? despite I’ve posted only 5 articles this year, my blog has been seen by 300 people more than last year. This is amazing, thank you so much ! I’m very grateful about that and it gives me a boost to kick off the new year with a new attitude toward blogging.
  2. Where did you find meThe five top referrencing sites this year were, CR Conseils et innovations,, and Cindy Rivard. Thanks to them ! Now, what were you all looking for on my blog ? I’m a little surprised. Customer service (french and english, but mostly english) arrives first, my own bio in second place, Hugo Chavez (what ?!? ) comes in third and, finally, Yulbiz Lanaudiere. 
  3. Where are you guys coming from ? That was the first question I asked when I got the report from WordPress. English Canada comes first ! I’m surprised because I’ve posted only one article in english. How do you explain that ? it’s AWESOME. Then, come french Canada, USA and France. Not far behind, I discovered readers from Morroco, Tunisia, Rwanda and South Africa. Surpisingly, I have also a lot of readers in China, Australia and Brazil. Thanks to you guys !

Best wishes for 2012.

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  1. Je viens de d�couvrir votre site, riches en renseignements. Je vous mets dans mes favoris!

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