Entrepreneurs Portraits

Entrepreneurship in Quebec is attracting more and more interest. This is especially true amongst young adults, the famous Millenials. In fact, they find themselves in entrepreneur’s lifestyle much more than previous generations. Is it a matter of generations? I don’t know.

However, here, I present portraits of entrepreneurs, new and old, who will present their start-up experiences. I hope these will help bring to light the reality of new entrepreneurs.

resto la basse court salle café
Photo: La Basse Cour

The challenge of starting-up a business with your spouse: Restaurant la Basse Cour’s case

Few years ago, Audrey Richer and her then boyfriend, Jason Gamache, have opened a restaurant in Les Coteaux, Monteregie. I met them after the first anniversary of the grand opening. What lesson can be drawn from this experience?


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